The Infamous or Famous Great Wheat Shark


In my last post,, I referenced one of my professors who runs a scuba diving school. It’s in Wichita He mentioned the infamous, or famous (depending on your viewpoint), Wheat Shark when he briefly talked about the scuba school during some of his classes. You can view reputed sightings of the Great Wheat Shark at You can decide if this sighting takes it from the realm of cryptid or not.

Cryptid definition:

Animals which are commonly not believed to exist, but actually may. Instances include the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, the Teratornis, and Pterodactyl, Mothmen, etc.

You can view their April 2019 newsletter at (PDF). I would love to learn to scuba dive as there are some places I want to visit, but would have to be a certified scuba diver to get there.

Facebook page: Google Maps: Google Maps Location of Amber Waves Diving


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What are Cryptids and Cryptozoology?

In case you missed that post or the various other posts where I mention cryptids (What are cryptids?) or cryptozoology (What is cryptozoology?).

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