Some of the Places I Find Articles

I use a variety of places to find articles for my blog posts. In some cases, I re-blog or share another blogger or vlogger‘s link. In general, I try to re-blog/vlog two blog posts/day and one vlog/day. I may or may not comment on a re-blog/vlog or share, depending on if I think it needs a comment. In other cases, I may do a separate post with a link to the first post.

Other places I get my sources are from different companies’ blogs or vlogs. In some cases, I often have to look at two or more places on a company’s blog or vlog. With FamilySearch, I use and I often get e-mails from the different companies that may highlight something the company doesn’t add to their blog or news sections.

With FindMyPast, I use and

For MyHeritage, I mostly use their blog although I also use

On Ancestry, it varies as I use a few other sections in addition to their blog,,, or

Recent Collections –

BillionGraves blog,, usually posts on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, or first of the month if they are running a contest. NOTE: They are running a contest for May 2019: BillionGraves 8th Annual Million More in May Competition or go to

23andMe blog –

FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) blog –

In addition to the above, I am probably missing numerous other sites that I visit.

I use the WordPress Reader as well as looking at some of the bloggers and vloggers I read or Follow.

I belong to many Facebook groups and sometimes people post links or articles that I find in a group. In other cases, somebody raises a question or makes some wild claim that sparks my interest.

In other cases, I simply do an Internet search using my least favorite search engine. In those cases, I type in DNA, genealogy, or some other search term or phrase. I also look at suggestions on Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter.

In general, I give credit if I find something on another blog or vlog. However, due to the various places I mentioned above, I often find the article elsewhere first.

Another place I find stuff to post is crowdfunding sites or e-mails from various sites I have signed up for e-mail notifications.

Other places include comments or suggestions made by friends.




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