Steve Jackson Games Teaming Up with Another Gaming Company – Kickstarter

In an e-mail I received earlier today, Steve Jackson Games / Warehouse 23 (Warehouse 23 is part of Steve Jackson Games)– announced they were teaming up with another gaming company,, on a Kickstarter campaign: The Lost Lands Kickstarter campaign ends Thursday, April 4 2019 3:39 PM CDT. So far, $126,726 pledged of $50,000 goal 1,028 backers.

A missive from our friends at Frog God . . .

“STEVE JACKSON GAMES and FROG GOD GAMES are excited to announce a new horizon for The Fantasy Trip! The Frog God Games LOST LANDS setting will now contain adventures and resources for those who want to use The Fantasy Trip in the framework of this ancient and storied world, filled with places to find vast caches of treasures or die trying! The first adventure in this series will be the Crucible of Freya, with many more to follow by popular demand. We are always listening to our fans, and there has been tremendous demand for a joint venture between The Fantasy Trip and the Lost Lands. Fear not, because it’s in the works right now!”

The big Lost Lands kickstarter has but three days left to run, so check it out now!

From the comments section of the Kickstarter campaign:

Over 1000 backers! Yes! Also great news about Steve Jackson games and TFT using the Lost Lands!

Here’s the comment from It’s the same as the quote above from Steve Jackson Games.

You can check out the campaign on Kicktraq:

These are two gaming companies I like for the most part. However, both companies are relying too heavily on Kickstarter campaigns and are risking serious backer burnout if they continue to overuse crowdfunding as much as they have been lately.


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