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Steve Jackson Games Teaming Up with Another Gaming Company – Kickstarter

In an e-mail I received earlier today, Steve Jackson Games / Warehouse 23 (Warehouse 23 is part of Steve Jackson Games)– http://www.sjgames.com/ / http://www.warehouse23.com/ announced they were teaming up with another gaming company, https://froggodgames.com/frogs/, on a Kickstarter campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/froggodgames/the-world-of-the-lost-lands/. The Lost Lands … Continue reading

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How to Create a Successful Blog — Lynn Dove’s Journey Thoughts

As Journey Thoughts’ reading audience continues to climb with thousands of followers and over 12 million hits, someone asked me recently how and why my blog has become so “successful”. I put quotations around that word because success is measured … Continue reading

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BillionGraves April Adventure Contest – BillionGraves April 2019

As I was working on another blog post, I clicked on the blog for BillionGraves. I hadn’t expected to see anything new as they usually post new stuff on Tuesdays although they may post stuff on the first of the … Continue reading

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Conflicting Participant Numbers Between Geno 2.0 Next on Two Different Sections of Their Website

Once I was able to get my passwords reset for National Geographic’s Geno 2.0 and Geno 2.0 Next, I saw the following participant number after logging into both accounts: 1 of 992,092 participants It took a while for them to … Continue reading

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23andMe Hits 10 million DNA Customers

Updated to reflect conflicting participant numbers for Geno 2.0 Next. Added a link to the new post I made about the conflicting participant numbers – Conflicting Participant Numbers Between Geno 2.0 Next on Two Different Sections of Their Website. From … Continue reading

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Just a Reminder Today is April 1st, 2019 Better Known As April Fool’s Day

I don’t participate in doing April Fool’s pranks on people, but have plenty of friends who do. Also, many people forget what today is. I was reminded of this by some other bloggers who love to pull such pranks. A … Continue reading

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Current April 2019 DNA Sales

Current January 2019 DNA sales, updated daily or every other day. Continue reading

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