Another Example of What Not to Do With a Crowdfunding Campaign

In this example,, the campaign creator makes what I consider to be a huge misstep. They don’t offer the PDFs free for most of the pledge levels where you buy a print copy of the books. If you pledge at the $69 level, then you get free PDFs. At the lower levels where you get a print copy of the book, you have to pledge another $5 to get the PDF. It has been fully funded: $9,577 pledged of $500 goal with 30 days to go and 386 backers.

It’s rare that I see a campaign go this route. The majority of the campaigns I view include the PDF free if you pledge for a print copy. That’s the smart way to do it.

In the above example, I would consider pledging at the $15 level which includes four (4) PDFs. The basic price if you only want the PDF version of the Party Backstory Generator is $9 so the $15 pledge level is a bargain in comparison. I don’t know if they would allow adding $14 to get the Party Backstory Generator book at this level.

PDF BUNDLE (4 Books)

You get PDFs of the Party Backstory Generator, the Campaign Notebook, the Campaign Spell Book, and the Mega Dungeon Maker. These are all of Severed Book’s recent hits.

I sometimes prefer the print copy, but a PDF copy works just as well in most cases. I haven’t pledged to this campaign, but if I do, it will be at the $15 pledge level for the PDFs as I don’t believe in rewarding a company for doing what I consider to be a bad business decision.

Here’s their website (NOTE: a few F bombs on the various links below) They also use

Amazon (not an affiliate link);

Etsy – (not an affiliate link);

DriveThruRPG (DTRPG) – (not an affiliate link);

Instagram –;

Facebook –

Here’s an earlier Kickstarter – that made a different misstep – limited number of copies made. From their website, they mention a limited run of 1,000 copies. In addition, the Early Bird Special was only $13.00 for the game and those who missed the Early Bird Special paid $15.00 during the campaign. Yet, the game is offered for $15.99 on Etsy (not an affiliate link). That’s not a good deal for those who backed it on Kickstarter although the $13 Early Bird Special was a much better deal than the $15 price offered for those who didn’t take advantage of the $13 offer.


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