WikiTree Reaches 20 Million Profiles and Celebrates Its 10 Year Anniversary

I have been a member of WikiTree – for a while now. I get regular e-mail updates from them. They recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary – (exact birthday is complicated according to the link). In addition, they hit 20,000,000 profiles –


Contact: Eowyn Langholf,

WikiTree Reaches 20 Million Profiles Today

Genealogy community collaborates to grow accurate single family tree

27 March 2019: Shortly after passing its 10-year anniversary, WikiTree has reached a major milestone: 20 million person profiles on its single family tree, a tree that’s 100% free and accessible to everyone forever.

Since its start in 2008, WikiTree has grown steadily but carefully, with a strong emphasis on quality over quantity. Although its mission is to connect the entire human family on one tree, WikiTree prioritizes careful sourcing and accuracy. As a result, it has fewer duplicates and mythological lines than some websites.

WikiTree’s strongest asset is its community. Over 130,000 genealogists have signed the Wiki Genealogy Honor Code, a simple nine-point pledge that members make to each other. Signers agree to collaborate with courtesy, respect privacy and copyrights, strive for accuracy, and cite sources.

“Some genealogy websites ask for money. All WikiTree asks is to learn how to use the system, to be a ‘good neighbor’ in the community, and to provide sources for facts.”
— April Dauenhauer, member since 2013

The Honor Code is a foundation on which dedicated volunteers have grown a healthy community culture and a carefully-evolved set of policies and procedures. These include systems for mentoring, mediation, and other conflict resolution so that genealogists can collaborate productively and enjoyably. As a result, the WikiTree community is proud to announce its 20,000,000 milestone.

It’s a one-tree project which means every person is listed on the tree once. Should somebody add a second entry for the same person, the second entry gets merged into the first entry.

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