How Not to Do a Crowdfunding Campaign

I realize she exceeded 200% of her campaign goal, but she violated at least one and probably two major rules of crowdfunding campaigns. Anybody want to guess what rules she broke? Here’s the campaign: Resynator:

Here’s the Kicktraq for the campaign:

I thought about backing this campaign until I noticed the quote below. I expect she lost a lot more potential backers because of the delayed product delivery until after it was available to the general public.

Several basic rules of thumb for any campaign are backers get the product before the general public and backers get it at a discount.Depending on how much it costs to buy a downloadable copy later if that’s an option, $20 is a steep price for something that you can probably watch at the theater for much less.

In terms of rule #1:

(The download will be delivered at a point in time AFTER the film’s theatrical release).

Not only are you not getting the link before the general product, you are getting it sometime “AFTER” the film’s release. That’s a double slap in the face to potential backers.

It’s also a bad move on her part for another reason. One of the best parts about releasing the product early to your backers is that some of them will review your product online. Another thing is some of those backers may raise issues that you should change before it’s released as a film. There’s a reason that many movie studios offer the movies early to reviewers and test audiences is to generate interest in the movies and to determine if things need to be changed before releasing it to the general public.  Test audiences can also ruin what would have been a good movie and I will include several links that show the good, the bad, and the ugly of test audiences. You can decide which of the movies were made better, worse, or stayed about the same as a result of test audiences. Some of the links include the same movies, but the conclusions reached by the reviewers may or may not agree with each other.

51 Movies And How They Were Affected by Test Screenings:

We’re assuming you know the stories of Fatal Attraction and Blade Runner, and how test audiences affected both films, so we’ve kept them out. But what we’ve tried to dig up here is a few lesser known stories. In some instances, the test audience improved the film. In some, it damaged it. In others, it barely make a scratch.

11 Movies That Changed Because of Test Audiences:

4. Sunset Boulevard

During a preview screening of the drama Sunset Boulevard in Evanston, Ill., the audience laughed so much at the opening—which occurred in a morgue with the corpse of Joe Gillis (William Holden) recounting how he was murdered to the other cadavers—that director Billy Wilder walked out. And he wasn’t the only one; many audience members walked out, too. When he asked one woman who was leaving what she thought of the film, she replied, “I never saw such a pile of s*** in all my life.” (She presumably didn’t know who she was talking to.)

10 Movies That Test Screenings Changed:

15 Movies That Were Drastically Changed Because Audiences Hated Them:

13 Times Test Audiences Almost Ruined Your Fave Films and TV Shows:

My suggestion to anybody who is considering a crowdfunding campaign is to go to and read through Jamey‘s list. I purchased his book and it has additional information in it that I will be covering in a future review of the book. However, even without the book, Jamey covers a lot in the free lessons in the link above. I am almost through reading the book and I found a lot in it that I would have done anyway, but it’s still helpful to get advice from somebody who has crowdfunded successfully. He also has given feedback to others who sought his advice on their campaigns.


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