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In the past, I used Fetchbook (link no longer works, hasn’t worked for a long time, and it’s not available on Wayback Machine) to research book prices, but it went down a while back. Somebody on Facebook today posted this site,, and it appears to be a good alternative to Fetchbook.

Fetchbook allowed one to use Amazon‘s ASIN number in place of an ISBN which worked great for non-book items. It looks like AddALL doesn’t allow this option. It does have  a Movie area and a Music area – see links in the quote below.

Here’s their FAQs/About page:

What is AddALL? What do you do?
AddALL is a free service that searches for the best deal in books anywhere on-line. It was built by book buyers for book buyers. AddALL is an independent and impartial web site, not owned by any bookstore. The search result is therefore totally objective.
Great, so what is in it for me?
You can use us to search for any book you want, comparing the prices and services among 41 on-line bookstores. This means that you can find the best offer for the book you want without needing to visit 41 booksites, one by one. AddALL provides new, used and rare book searches.
How does the search work?
You can have the price displayed in the currency of your choice, along with the delivery charge and sales tax applicable. You can compare delivery times and choose the shipping option that works best for you. If you have more than one book to buy, there is a “memo” function to keep track of the deals you’ve found while you look for more. If you can’t decide whether to buy on the spot, you can always come back and retrieve the deals you’ve saved in your “memo.”
How many books can you access? How do I know I’m getting the best value?
AddALL searches all the data bases of all the major on-line bookstores. This makes us the biggest book database on the Internet, or in the world, for that matter. You can find any book through us, if it is in print and even if it isn’t – see our used and rare book section. If they have it, we’ll find it.
I like your service. How can I recommend you to my friends?
Thank you! Yes, do please share the benefits of using AddAll with your friends. Click here to tell them about what we can do. They will thank you for recommending a site that saves them time and money when they go to buy a book.
Your site is GREAT! Can I link to you from my web site?
Sure! Please get the ready-to-use, cut-and-paste html code and choose a logo image file here.
I have a web site of my own. Can I add your book search function to my site?
Yes, of course. You may check out all linking options, including how to add a small search box to your home page by going to
What else do you do besides scouting for book deals?
AddALL’s sister sites, A Music Area, is a comparative shopping site for music CD’s, A Movie Area, is a comparative shopping site for movie DVD. Like AddALL, it refuses to carry any annoying advertising. If you want to avoid the advertising (and the hassles) of the mega email sites, you can sign up right now for a free email address. And let us know if you can think of anything else we can do for you!
>> More FAQ here


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