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NUWC Division Newport software developer finds ‘fascinating’ results while tracing his family’s history

I saw this somewhere, probably Facebook, NUWC Division Newport software developer finds ‘fascinating’ results while tracing his family’s history: https://www.navsea.navy.mil/Media/News/Article/1791263/nuwc-division-newport-software-developer-finds-fascinating-results-while-tracin/. “Everyone should do their ancestry,” Massey said. “One of the big takeaways I got from this is when you do … Continue reading

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AddALL Book Search Site

In the past, I used Fetchbook – http://www.fetchbook.info/ (link no longer works, hasn’t worked for a long time, and it’s not available on Wayback Machine) to research book prices, but it went down a while back. Somebody on Facebook today … Continue reading

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Fish for Eternity in a Jon Boat Casket – I Haven’t Seen It All

As part of my irregular “I Haven’t Seen It All” series, I came across this on Facebook today Fish for Eternity in a Jon Boat Casket: https://www.wideopenspaces.com/fish-for-eternity-in-a-jon-boat-casket/. I have seen a couple of  people use a Jon Boat – https://www.pennlive.com/midstate/2014/01/motor_boat_funeral_for_mount_w.html, https://www.proptalk.com/outdoorsman-heads-grave-jon-boat, … Continue reading

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WikiTree Reaches 20 Million Profiles and Celebrates Its 10 Year Anniversary

I have been a member of WikiTree – https://www.wikitree.com/ for a while now. I get regular e-mail updates from them. They recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary – https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/531392/happy-new-year-happy-10th-anniversary-year-for-wikitree (exact birthday is complicated according to the link). In addition, they hit … Continue reading

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Calculating the Perfect Funding Goal (Crowdfunding Lessons) – YouTube Video

I have mentioned Jamey Stegmaier several times recently as he’s very knowledgeable about Kickstarter campaigns geared towards Table Top Games (TTG). His advice works for other types of crowdfunding campaigns as well as non-Kickstarter campaigns. His advice also works well … Continue reading

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How Not to Do a Crowdfunding Campaign

I realize she exceeded 200% of her campaign goal, but she violated at least one and probably two major rules of crowdfunding campaigns. Anybody want to guess what rules she broke? Here’s the campaign: Resynator: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/resynator/resynator. Here’s the Kicktraq for … Continue reading

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Several of the Worst Mistakes Some Crowdfunding Campaigns Make

There are many mistakes that crowdfunding campaigns make. However, in my opinion, several of the worst involve not having an audience before you launch, poor graphics and page layout, pricing, meaningless rewards, and delivering to backers after your product is … Continue reading

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My Blog: One Year Later — Living With Williams Syndrome

Dear Readers, It has been quite a while since I have posted here and that is my fault. I have been working on a schedule for my posts… yet forgetting to actually post something. Laughs at myself. Well, one week … Continue reading

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Soviet B-39 Submarine Ship Museum, San Diego, California

As part of my ongoing Ship Museums series, I chose B-39, a Russian submarine that is now part of the San Diego Maritime Museum. GPS locations: Google Maps, Microsoft Bing, Mapquest Soviet B-39: http://www.hnsa.org/hnsa-ships/soviet-b-39/ Official website – Maritime Museum of … Continue reading

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Nipgubben, Tiny Swedish Troll – Weirdness Wednesdays March 27, 2019

This week I went with Atlas Obscura for my Weirdness Wednesdays post. As I was looking around the main site, I saw Nipgubben, Tiny Swedish Troll https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/nipgubben. I tried for a GPS location, but only received the following: N 61° … Continue reading

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