Ace of Cakes – YouTube Video Links

Since I posted on Duff Goldman earlier today, Food Network Star, Duff Goldman, Was in Wichita, Kansas Recently March 22, 2019, I decided to use my daily vlog post to highlight Duff.’s show Here’s what I pulled up on YouTube:

You can view the shop on Facebook:

Official website:

They are opening a new store in El Segundo Summer 2019 – saw it mentioned on the West shop’s Twitter account.

Found this article about Duff #4 shop opening in June 2019:, TheWorks:

Atlas Obscura: no listing located for either monument

Facebook: Charm City Cakes West –; Duff’s Facebook page:

Google Maps:,+Baltimore,+MD/@39.3072899,-76.6295683,14z – they have several locations; two in Baltimore – Charm City route for both Baltimore locations, one in Los Angeles, California: Charm City Cakes West, Los Angeles. The Works (Duff #4 opening June 2019): The Works (future Duff #4)

Instragram: (in addition to Duff’s personal account:

Twitter:; Duff’s Twitter:; Charm City Cakes West Twitter:; Duff’s Cake Mix Twitter:

Pinterest:; Charm City Cakes West:;

Roadside America: No listing found – California or Maryland.

Flickr: No images found, or too many to narrow down

Only In Your State:

Trip Advisor:; Harbor East:; no listing for California location

Tumblr: (have to look around)

Twitch (search): Several videos found go to and type in Charm City Cakes

Vimeo (search):

Waymarking: No listing found for other location.


YouTube (search):




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