Find-A-Grave Suggested Merge Update

If you or another person suggest a merge on Find-A-Grave –, you should both get notice when the merge is approved. I would hope if the merge was rejected, both would get an e-mail as well. A friend suggested a merge using the new “Report duplicate memorials” under the Other section. He didn’t know if he would get notice if the Merge was approved. He recently let me know that he received an e-mail from Find-A-Grave showing it had been approved. He has previously received e-mails when somebody else suggested a Merge using the new system, but it was always the other memorial being merged into his memorial. In his case, he recommended merging his memorial into the other memorial. When he created the memorial, he checked the cemetery and did not see the other memorial. Either the search engine failed, pretty common, or the memorial was later moved to the cemetery.



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