More Suggested Improvements for Find-A-Grave

I made some suggested improvements for Find-A-Grave at Ways Find-A-Grave Needs to Improve. As an add-on to my suggestion from the above link,

Next, let people know when the FAQs/Help/Rules change and note the sections and dates when the changes were made. It’s a pain to use the limited search ability of the Forums to try and figure out what the current version of what’s allowed and not allowed.

I would add the admins need to take any rules or guidelines / suggestions they make in the Forums and add them, with dates, to the Help section – I still hold to the concept they need to separate the Help section into two different sections:

  1. Rules that have to be followed.
  2. Guidelines or suggestions that don’t have to be followed.
  3. Other items as needed.

They also need to enforce the rules equally as those with lots or memorials or that are friends with them often get to ignore the rules. By friends, I don’t mean adding an admin as a Friend on Find-A-Grave, but developing a friendship with them. I know of one person that was banned from the site, but on the old forums, admins knew the person had joined under a different name, but didn’t ban them again. If anything, the admins allow this person to get away with things that aren’t allowed (i.e., “rules”) while busting others for doing the exact same thing.

For example, are death certificates still allowed on Find-A-Grave? In the past, the rule was as long as the memorial manager didn’t object, they could be posted on a memorial. In doing a search, I can’t tell if that rule still applies or if they are or are not allowed now.

Another good addition would be these fields:

  • Last name at death field
  • Preferred last name field.
  • Preferred name (in cases where a person uses their middle name in place of their first name as nickname won’t allow middle names as nicknames unless this changed recently)


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