Forgiveness Sundays – March 17, 2019

This is a concept that came to mind recently as I was reading a blog post where the blogger had a very unforgiving heart towards somebody. I understand why they had such an attitude given the situation, but in my experience, forgiveness is often more about you than the person you forgive. I have forgiven people that have done me wrong. In many cases, I may not tell them they are forgiven as I am not in contact with them. In other cases, I don’t know who they are. In yet other cases, telling them I forgive them would only make a bad situation worse.

I have also seen cases where people forgave somebody for killing a loved one, be it accidentally or intentionally.

It’s pretty easy to hold a grudge, real or imagined, for what is often a minor thing. I saw a story where somebody was angry towards another person. After years of not talking, the second person told the other person he was hurt by his actions. The second person didn’t recall the incident, but it led to a broken relationship being healed.

Ask yourself is there anybody you need to forgive? You don’t have to answer in the comments section. Also ask yourself, is there anybody you need to ask to forgive you?

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