23andMe to Offer Diabetes 2 Reports to v5 Kits

I can’t find the e-mail from 23andMe, but they sent me one as I signed up for their beta testing letting me know they were going to soon offer Diabetes 2 reports. It was odd because I tested with an earlier chipset that won’t receive the report.

I found the blog post: https://blog.23andme.com/health-traits/type-2-diabetes/.

While I agree with this statement below about having an opportunity for motivation to change, I think she’s being naive if she thinks most will make changes. A friend was diagnosed pre-diabetic and he made no changes to his diet. That’s fairly typical of most people I know or read about who are warned they are at risk of becoming diabetic or have pre-diabetes. Same goes for other diseases where most people who are warned about being at risk for disease, don’t make the changes necessary to reduce their risk.

“Diabetes is a significant health issue in the United States that is expected to impact nearly half of the population,” said Anne Wojcicki, CEO and Co-Founder of 23andMe. “When customers learn about their genetic likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes, we believe there is an opportunity to motivate them to change their lifestyle and ultimately to help them prevent the disease.”

From another e-mail, they let me know an upgrade to v5 chips for v3 and v4  chip testers will be offered in “the coming months” where I can spend money to upgrade to the v5 chip. I e-mailed them and asked when and how much, but didn’t get an answer other than look for an announcement in a few months. It’s been several months and no news.

My father had Diabetes and I believe it started when he was an adult. He took insulin three times a day. So far, none of us children or his grandchildren have Diabetes.


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