Pledge Manager Sites for Crowdfunding

As I mentioned in this post, Interesting Articles about Pledge Managers,

In looking up different pledge managers on my least favorite search engine, I came across this article:


In the second link, he gives a great description of the three (3) pledge managers I am somewhat familiar with: Backerkit –, CrowdOx –, and Pledge Manager –


He also mentions a couple of pledge managers I didn’t know about: –, –, and Jet Backer –

Of the handful of crowdfunding campaigns I have backed, the use of pledge managers by campaigns has varied from no use to BackerKit, CrowdOx, Jet Backer, Pledge Manager, but none have used Gamefound  or FluentPM yet. Also, some campaigns use Celery, for pre-orders, order fulfillment, or post-orders. Celery is now owned by Indiegogo However, you can use Celery for Kickstarter campaigns and probably for other crowdfunding sites as well. I saw a Kickstarter campaign use Celery.

In addition, exactly what you could do with a pledge manager varies by what the campaign creator allows. In one case, the creator made it clear that my $2.00 pledge meant I could not use BackerKit to add things and that I could not change my pledge to a different level. In other cases, several PDF only pledges meant that I could not add print copies of anything to my order.

From what I have seen, in the majority of cases, the use of a pledge manager is going to give your campaign more money than it costs you. In rare cases, it may cost you more, but those tend to be few and far between.

My suggestion is to not get married to any pledge manager site. By that, I mean don’t pick one and only stick with it no matter what. It’s best to evaluate each pledge manager site and go with the one that best meets the needs and costs for each campaign. I used this link in my earlier post linked above – It shows a comparison of the pledge manager sites at different funding levels.

This survey,, shows a slight edge for third-party pledge managers. I like third-party pledge managers in cases where the campaign creator allows you to add stuff to your order. Not all creators go that route, but in my opinion, it’s the best way to go. Using Divination Dice – as an example, he originally was not going to use a pledge manager. I will be surprised if he doesn’t see a fair return on his investment by using BackerKit. From the comments, many backers and potential backers indicated they would use BackerKit to add to their pledges or to order if they hadn’t pledged during the campaign. Steve Jackson Games, including the company’s Warehouse 23 account, has done several Kickstarter campaigns and they tend to offer some of the goodies from earlier campaigns as an option in BackerKit.

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