My Weirdness Monday March 11, 2019

In keeping with the Weirdness Wednesdays theme of today’s posts, I decided to talk about my weird experiences on Monday, March 11, 2019. Several weird things happened on Monday although the order I learned about them was not in the order they happened.

First weird thing that happened was the last thing I figured out. I use Unreal Mobile for my primary cell phone service as I have previously mentioned. Unknown to me, they deactivated my account on Monday due to an unusual high volume of data usage. Later in the day I noticed I couldn’t access the Internet using this phone, but didn’t think much of it at the time as I was using my laptop at my favorite eating place. Later that night, around 11 P.M., I couldn’t access my phone’s data at home after multiple attempts. I decided to use the phone to call my TracFone back-up phone which I keep because a couple of friends only use that number to call or text me.

Surprise, surprise – I get a service has been deactivated notice. I knew my bill had been paid as it’s an auto-pay bill that was paid several weeks ago. I rarely use my TracFone for data as it is a pre-pay phone that only has X amount of data. I splurge and use a small amount of TracFone data to check my e-mail. Around 2:30 P. M., Unreal Mobile sent me an e-mail warning me they had deactivated my account due to unusual data usage. Been nice if they had texted me since the e-mail got lost in the several hundred/day I receive on a slow day. They included a link to un-deactivate (? not sure that’s a word) my phone. The e-mail mentioned I would need to turn my phone off and back on to reactivate it once I jumped through this small hoop. Worked great. I looked at my phone and for two weeks into my billing cycle, the Google Services usage was almost 2.5 times higher than average for the whole billing cycle. I had previously restricted the phone’s background data usage when using the phone’s data plan. Seems that it had been turned back on somehow although it is now back off.

Weird event #2 – I was researching a topic for my Kansas Tuesdays post on Roadside America and came across The SmithaloThe Smithalo – Kansas Tuesdays. In case you didn’t know, my last name is Smith. I thought how cool was this. I have lived in Kansas about half my life and had never heard of the Smithalo. I thought someone would have mentioned it a long time ago. It’s now on my Bucket List of places to visit. It’s over 15 feet (4.64ish meters) tall. This was the first weird thing I became aware of although in terms of time, it was the second to occur.

Weird event #3 – getting locked in my favorite eating place. This was the second event I became aware of although it was the third in terms of order. Now, I have been locked in my favorite eating place several times in the past, but they usually let me know the reason. There was only one time when I wasn’t told the reason, but they did let me know I was locked in. One of the advantages of being a regular customer for the last eight years is they don’t kick me out when they do a lock-down. In this case, the employee didn’t alert me that I was locked in. I saw him lock the one door which wasn’t unusual as they lock it in the evenings. I didn’t realize he had locked the other door as my back was to that door and he didn’t mention locking it or make any other comment. I was first aware both doors were locked after somebody banged on the door that I thought was unlocked. When I was locked in previously, the one rule they gave me was not to let anybody in. Once I realized the door was locked, I didn’t know why it was locked, but figured the employee had a valid reason.

This went on for almost an hour although the place wasn’t as  busy for a Monday night as it usually tends to be. I figured the employee had been told to lock the doors by someone higher up the food chain. As it came close to an hour of the doors being locked, I thought something was off, but wasn’t sure what to do about it. At the time, I didn’t have contact phones numbers for any of the employees or managers. I also forgot about the emergency contact list they have in the back. I was to the point of getting ready to find a number to call one of the other locations in town to have them contact the manager or regional manager as the employee had not answered the phone or other attempts of getting his attention. I debated calling 911, but wanted that as a last option since there could be a valid reason the employee had locked the doors.

As I was looking for a phone number for another location, I heard yet another knock on the door. This time it was several police officers who had been contacted by somebody. They asked what was up. I didn’t know. I mentioned being locked in previously. Two of them jumped the counter and determined the employee was not in the store. I told them the manager and regional manager names. They found the contact number list and managed to get in touch with somebody at another location who called the manager. The manager sent over an employee who lived closer until the manager could get there. So, I spent about half hour entertaining the police until the employee showed up and verified I was a regular customer. The police and the manager were concerned what had happened to the employee as attempts to contact the employee had been unsuccessful. After about another half hour, the manager was able to get into contact with a relative of the employee who indicated the employee was okay.

I was glad the employee was okay as I reached the point where I thought something had happened to them, especially after the police found no trace of the employee or obvious foul play.

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