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New Records on FamilySearch from February 2019

I regularly search many websites and blogs (genealogy, DNA, etc.) looking for updates or interesting articles. I also check the News feeds of the major genealogy, DNA, and other websites as sometimes they post items there instead of on their blogs. … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Blogging World – DirtFloorRecess

I ran across this new blog in my WordPress Reader feed today: https://dirtfloorrecess.com/. She started her blog yesterday. It’s rare WordPress shows me such a new blogger – only a day old, but thought I should be one of the … Continue reading

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My Weirdness Monday March 11, 2019

In keeping with the Weirdness Wednesdays theme of today’s posts, I decided to talk about my weird experiences on Monday, March 11, 2019. Several weird things happened on Monday although the order I learned about them was not in the … Continue reading

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Weird Planets – Vimeo Video

In somewhat keeping with a Weirdness Wednesday theme, I found this Vimeo video – ScienceCasts: Weird Planets: https://vimeo.com/48959446 (around 4:04 minutes long). It took a while to find a weird video that wasn’t too far out there. No telling what … Continue reading

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Thank You to BillionGraves Contributor for Rear Admiral Fluckey’s Headstone Photo

I posted about Rear Admiral Eugene B. Fluckey also known as “Lucky Fluckey” in this blog post: The Sub That Sank a Train. Thank you to Beth, BillionGraves contributor, for taking and transcribing the photo. You can view the image … Continue reading

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Facebook Has Been Down for a While

Updated March 14, 2019: Facebook and the other sites managed by Facebook should be up again. My Facebook and related sites came back up about 10 P. M. U. S. Central Time although many had access earlier. I am posting … Continue reading

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Cenotaph Memorial Headstones

Before joining Find-A-Grave, I was not familiar with the term “cenotaph” until I read its definition. Not exactly the best definition – https://www.dictionary.com/browse/cenotaph a sepulchral monument erected in memory of a deceased person whose body is buried elsewhere. An easier … Continue reading

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