Down to the Wire Kickstarter Campaign for Final Unlocked Stretch Goal

Disclosure: I have pledged to this campaign for a modest amount. I am taking no position on if the addition of the glow set stretch goal although I think more choices are usually a good thing. I probably won’t go for the glow set although I may change my mind if it becomes available and I have the spare money to increase to a glow set (additional cost of $8). As I am writing this (5:56 P. M. U. S. Central Time), the campaign is at $16,899.00 with 524 backers. The campaign ends at 8:21 P. M. Central Time.

I will put the results at the bottom of this post although clicking on the Kickstarter link will let you know if the stretch goal was reached.

As I prepare this post about the end of the Divination Dice Kickstarter campaign which I have mentioned several times since February 2019 –, it’s a bit under 2 1/2 hours left in the campaign. It has met its initial goal of $10,000 and has met four (4) of its stretch goals. The fifth stretch goal was originally $20,000, but was lowered to $18,000 a few hours before the campaign ended. The decision to lower it to $18,000 was based on an estimate that the BackerKit surveys would generate the extra $2,000 to cover the costs of fulfilling the last stretch goal. In my experience in watching other creators who used a pledge manager, it’s possible they will reach the goal for the extra $2,000. Some people have indicated they will increase their pledge once the BackerKit survey goes live.

It’s like watching a horse race where the race is nearing the finish line and two horses are close together. This is going to be a down to the wire stretch goal race. Will it make it? Had you asked me the question four hours before the campaign ended, I would have estimated no it would not make the stretch goal. With roughly 2:20 hours left, it’s neck and neck as the campaign total pledges for today (around 6:08 P. M.) were $1,380 which includes a loss of $23 at one point during when I was tracking it. This brings the total up to $16,969. I have seen campaigns meet a target in the last half-hour of a campaign and also seen campaigns where it looked like they would meet a goal only to fall short when the campaign ended.

End result: stretch goal added. It was added slightly under an hour before the campaign ended. At the time it was added, the stretch goal was less than $800 short of hitting $18,000, possibly closer to $700 short. At 7:34 P. M., it’s at $17,407 which is just under $600 short. I believe they made the right decision to unlock the stretch goal as they are very close to what they needed. I expect BackerKit will add the needed extra funds to reach the original $20,000 stretch goal. Once the campaign ended, the pledged amount was $17,938 which is pretty close to the $18,000 stretch goal.

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