Follow-up on Nadarra Creations Kickstarter Teamwork

Disclaimer: I have pledged small amounts to Divination Dice and Little Dragon Corp Kickstarter campaigns. I haven’t pledged to Nadarra Creations Kickstarter campaign.

In yesterday’s post, Divination Dice and Nadarra Creations Team Up – Kickstarter, I talked about the teamwork between Divination Dice and Nadarra Creations. In looking at Nadarra Creations Logos page –  and its Kickstarter campaign:, I noticed another Kickstarter campaign – by Little Dragon Corp (see link below).

 Friends of Nadarra Creations

We are pleased to include this section as a non-intrusive way to share our collaborators and others who have helped us along the way:

  •  Little Dragon Corp – Colette, the owner of Little Dragon Corp has just released a line of amazing dice that look like gemstones.  Check out her campaign page here and pick up a set of her dice to complement your new dice box.  We just did!
  •  DougOutCrafts – We are excited to be collaborating with Doug and his Divination Dice campaign that goes through March 8th.  Checkout his logo in our graphics catalog (see the logos category) and then checkout his cool dice here.
  • – Our friends at Critit have been a big help in spreading the word about our campaign.  Checkout their shop and web site where they sell some great gaming accessories.
  •  Tavern of Heroes – A unique and fresh RPG actual-play podcast. The team at TOH has been invaluable in helping us as we prepared for our launch. There logo is available to their fans in our Engraving Options catalog (see the Logos category).
  •  Guardian Games – Portland’s own awesome gaming store.  They may be a prime source of all the beautifuld dice in our photos.  Checkout their web site or stop by when you’re in Portland.

I noticed the logo for Little Dragon Corp on Nadarra Creations Logo page before I saw the quote above on their Kickstarter campaign. Good to seeing support between campaigns.

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