Tabletop Tuesday – When Licensed Games Go Wrong — Pop Culture Uncovered

One sure way to get a tabletop game noticed is to have it themed on an original franchise or license. Nothing attracts even the most casual gamer like seeing a favorite movie, TV show, or comic on the cover of a box. Unfortunately, whether the game itself is “good” is as random as trying a […]

via Tabletop Tuesday – When Licensed Games Go Wrong — Pop Culture Uncovered.

I agree that some licenses have gone off-track. In some cases, it had to be a “What were they thinking?”

For me, the best Lord of the Rings (LotR) RPGs was the one that Iron Crown Enterprises – had the license for many years. Unfortunately, they lost the license and now the modules and rules are only available if you found them on EBay, Amazon, or at a convention. It’s a shame as it had plenty of modules that you could adapt to other systems. The handful of LotR RPGs that have come and gone since then pale in comparison. The current holder is Cubicle 7 who has two lines of LotR RPGs: The One Ring (TOR): and Adventures in Middle-Earth (AiME): TOR never took off which is why they introduced AiME to supplement it. They make stuff for both systems, but AiME seems to do better as it more an Open Gaming License (OGL) system that is easy to adapt to many systems.

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