Divination Dice and Nadarra Creations Team Up – Kickstarter

#SuperDiceBoxGiveAway (tag to possibly win a free item)

Disclaimer: I have pledged to Divination Dice’s Kickstarter campaign and am participating in trying to win one of the two free items he is offering as a giveaway. I have talked to him on Facebook messenger, but have never met him in person.

Updated March 6, 2019: added new information as Doug posted another update.

In something I don’t see too often on crowdfunding, a tag team effort. Congratulations to DougOutCrafts – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dougoutcrafts/divination-dice-set-relaunch-by-dougoutcrafts and Nadarra Creations – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nadarracreations/nadarra-creations-dice-box for teaming up. If you don’t win the dice box from Nadarra Creations, they offer it as an option – https://nadarracreations.com/pages/logos

We’ve teamed up with Nadarra Creations to give away one of their awesome dice boxes.  That means you could get the chance to win the D20 Fortune Teller engraved on a Nadarra Creations Dice Box, just for sharing the project on Facebook!  It’s Easy.

  • Check Out Facebook:  Like DougOutCrafts.  While You’re at it, show some love to Nadarra Creations
  • Share the Divination Dice Set Project on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… You name it.  Use #SuperDiceBoxGiveAway in your post so we can find you!
  • Use Your Luck Domain (If applicable).  Then Wait.  Winner will be notified on Saturday!

P.S.  Yes, it’s possible you could win the Artwork by Steve Wilson AND the Nadarra Creations Dice Box (Don’t be afraid to be obnoxious.  Keep Sharing.)

I previously mentioned Divination Dice’s Kickstarter campaign several times as I think he’s doing a great job on how he is running his campaign and some of the things he has done may be something others may want to consider if they do a crowdfunding campaign:

Divination Dice Set (Relaunch) by DougOutCrafts Update February 2019

Divination Dice Kickstarter Campaign Update

Crowdfunding Follow-ups and Additional Suggestions; and

Crowdfunding Trick at Campaign Start

I will add some other things Divination Dice’s campaign is doing well: regular updates. Sixteen (16) Fifteen (15) updates so far and the campaign has around 51 52 hours (ends Friday, March 8 2019 8:21 PM CST) to go. Doug also replies to comments which is something many creators don’t do or don’t do very well. He has reduced some prices based on lower projected costs; again something many creators would not do. I like his use of social media shares as a stretch goal. It’s something that is becoming a bit more common with other creators, and I expect it is a trend that will gain ground in other campaigns.

Updated: The latest update (#16) includes adding Backerkit as a pledge manager. That’s a smart move as some people may be waiting to see how the last part of the campaign goes before committing to pledge or to increase their pledges.

I appreciate the stretch goal of unlocking another color if he gets 500 backers who buy at least one set of dice. He’s close with 428 backers who have pledged to buy at least one set of dice. He is at $13,695 $13,668 pledged with two more stretch goals: $15,000 for a fourth color; $20,000 to unlock full glow set.

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