Stonemaier Games Kickstarter Lessons

Disclosure: I purchased Jamey’s book on Amazon. I went the cheap route of ordering a used copy which will arrive in a week to ten days. I would have purchased the e-book, but they wanted almost as much for the e-book as the regular price for the book.

As I mention in a post – or you can click on the B-1 Games link below, I wasn’t aware of these lessons until B-1Games mentioned them in the post I am re-blogging which can be found here: I decided the Kickstarter lessons warranted a separate post.

Here are the lessons: I am adding a second link with more information and tips:

Many of the lessons will apply to other crowdfunding sites: Indiegogo, GoFundMe, etc. They also include tips and information for

Innovative strategies from non-Kickstarter, non-tabletop game companies as they might apply to other businesses.

In only eight (8) Kickstarter campaigns, the company has raised over $3.2 million.


Jamey’s Crowdfunding Book: (Available on Amazon, Audible, Barnes and Noble, Independent Bookstores, Berrett-Koehler – ebook or paperback)


Facebook: (released a stakeholder report earlier today; also has some videos)




Champion: ($12/year)

Would you consider joining 3,469 other Champions in supporting the 100 blog posts and 150 YouTube videos we create each year for the benefit of creators, entrepreneurs, and game designers? Your annual gift of $12 will enable us to continue to add to the wealth of open-access content we offer.
As a token of our appreciation, you will receive the following perks for a full year starting on the day that you become a Champion:

  • Subscription to a monthly digest highlighting the key points from the top 5 new blog posts and videos, as well as alerts for all incoming Stonemaier products and reprints.
  • Unlimited free US shipping on all orders from our website. Orders are shipped from our St. Louis warehouse to any address (non-US Champions get discounted shipping). IMPORTANT: Whenever placing an order, to get the shipping discount you will need to sign into Shopify and use a promo code (CHAMPIONSHIP for US Champions and CHAMPION-INT for non-US Champions). Those codes will only work for Champions.
  • Advance delivery on new product pre-orders through Stonemaier Games (Champion orders will ship right away, before any other pre-orders and well before the retail release date). Our annual release schedule generally includes 2 games, several expansions, and a few accessories.






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