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So today is the day I begun reading through the “bible” for Kickstarter creators – The Stonemaier Kickstarter Lessons.. There is so much content there to absorb and appreciate it’s difficult to know where to start! So I have chosen here… to get a 1st blog post sorted. So this is Day 1… or Day […]

via Day 1… or is it Day 500? — B-1Games. Update on the logo choice:

A big thank you to all who visit, follow, like, or comment on my blog. A special thank you to B-1 Games for the 150th Follower.

I haven’t read Stonemaier Kickstarter Lessons as this was the first I have heard of them. Doing a quick check on my least favorite search engine, I found the lessons: Looks to be a good read and here’s another link on their site: I am doing a blog post on the Stonemaier Kickstarter Lessons later tonight. I was familiar with Celery (mentioned in a response to a comment), a pre-order site as one of the Kickstarter campaigns I follow used it for pre-orders.


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4 Responses to Day 1… or is it Day 500? — B-1Games

  1. b-1games says:

    Thanks for the link! You will not be disappointed reading the lessons! They are the Kickstarter bible!

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    • You are welcome. I have been reading through some of them. I went ahead and ordered a copy of his book on Amazon. I have been trying to do reviews of crowdfunding campaigns with what I thought worked, didn’t work, could be improved upon, etc. It’s surprising at how much some campaigns pull in. Also seen where fairly small campaigns$500 USD or less, didn’t get funded.

      I like your logo and I have been gaming since the mid-1970s.


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