Genealogy! Just Ask! Facebook Groups

There are a number of Genealogy! Just Ask! groups on Facebook:!%20just%20ask!&epa=SERP_TAB. The list covers different U. S. states, foreign countries, different topics, etc.

One of the largest is with over 50,000, almost 51,000, members. Part of the group’s About Page:

The purpose of this group is to assist members in research ancestors – to learn about resources and techniques that will enhance that research. Basic Rules (Please read the full rules when joining):

1. No searching for or discussing living people

2. No selling goods or services (even if genealogy related)

3. Venting is discouraged.

It’s always a wise move to read the rules of any Facebook group you join. In some of the groups I am a part of, the rules can vary widely. Worse, some of the groups have similar names, but significantly different group rules.

Things to look out for in group rules: what is allowed and what is not allowed. Some common examples I see in other groups include:

  • No pictures unless posted in the comments section
  • No links or advertising without being pre-approved by admins
  • No blocking admins
  • No sexual or romantic comments towards other members
  • No asking for or sharing of personal information
  • No colored backgrounds (something that has become popular with some users)

The Genealogy! Just Ask! groups hold a wealth of information.


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