Ancestry Labs Beta February 27, 2019

UPDATE: Numerous crashes reported in Facebook groups – see Reports of AncestryDNA Crashes – February 28, 2019. I shouldn’t be surprised as Ancestry has a bad habit of not doing enough testing when they release new stuff.

I saw this last night in an e-mail from

Welcome. Please feel free to join any of our current beta features listed below. These may only be available for a limited time and we hope you enjoy the experience!

If you enable a particular beta feature, we will collect usage data and you may be asked to provide feedback about your experience.

MyTreeTagsTM beta

Add labels to people in your tree to highlight personal details or to clarify your research status. If you enable this feature, you will be able to access it directly from your tree and on every Facts page for the people in your tree.

New & Improved DNA Matches beta

If you enable this feature, you can more easily sort, group, and view your DNA matches in any way you’d like.

Please note that if you have been using Chrome extensions to sort or organize your matches, these extensions will not be supported in this beta experience. We advise you first save or record any work you may have done with any Chrome extensions before participating in this beta feature.

What is the Ancestry Lab?


The Ancestry Lab houses all of Ancestry’s current experimental beta features which may or may not be added for long-term. You may already have access to some of these beta features, but here you can turn these features on and off whenever you want.

Here are some examples from Hound on the Hunt blog:


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