SCARIEST Bridges And Roads You Can Travel On – YouTube Video

In looking at what was in my YouTube subscription list, I found this video: SCARIEST Bridges And Roads You Can Travel On: (about 10:13 minutes long).

I have been on some scary bridges in my lifetime.


18. Sidu River Bridge –;

17. Nadym River Pontoon Bridge –;

16. Kaoh Pen Bamboo Bridge (Koh Paen Bamboo Bridge) –

15. Tappan Zee Bridge – vs.

14. Carrick-A-Rede Bridge (Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge) –

13. Kuandisky Bridge – (link at the bottom to YouTube video about the bridge ) or

12. Hangzhou Bay Bridge –

11. Linyanti River Bridge –

10. Mackinac Bridge – or

09. Chesapeake Bridge –

08. Zhangjiajie Glass Walk Bridge –

07. Lake Pontchartrain Causeway –

06. Captain William Moore Bridge –

05. Millau Viaduct, France –

04. The Confederation Bridge –

03. Hussaini Hanging Bridge –

02. Monkey Bridges –

01. Eshima Ohashi Bridge –

Some of these you couldn’t pay me enough to get on them. Maybe if I was being pursued in a life or death situation, but otherwise, I would avoid them or find alternative ways across. For #7, I have been on it a number of times, but only during non-foggy conditions. I would avoid it during fog or possible fog as there are too many accidents.

I can think of a few that didn’t make the list, but would make my list.



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