Understanding Cemetery Crosses – BillionGraves

Understanding Cemetery Crosses – BillionGraves – https://blog.billiongraves.com/2019/02/19/understanding-cemetery-crosses/. There are twenty (20) types listed. I will include the list below, but for more information, click on the link above for specifics for each type.

Be aware sometimes a cross was chosen because the person or next of kin liked the design or shape and it may have little or nothing to do with the person’s ethnicity or denomination. I had a footnote (*) for the Military Cross (#16) as in the U. S., there are several types of crosses available for veterans’ headstones.

Cemetery Cross #1: Agony Cross

Cemetery Cross #2: Anchor Cross

Cemetery Cross #3: Botonee Cross

Cemetery Cross #4: Calvary Cross

Cemetery Cross #5: Celtic Cross

Cemetery Cross #6: Crucifix

Cemetery Cross #7: Eastern Cross

Cemetery Cross #8: Glory Cross

Cemetery Cross #9: Greek Cross

Cemetery Cross #10: Harvest Cross

Cemetery Cross #11: IHS Cross

Cemetery Cross #12: IHS Celtic Cross

Cemetery Cross #13: Ionic Cross

Cemetery Cross #14: Labarum Cross

Cemetery Cross #15: Latin Cross

Cemetery Cross #16: Military Crosses*

Cemetery Cross #17: Cross Pattee

Cemetery Cross #18: Tau Cross

Cemetery Cross #19: Tree and Sickle Cross

Cemetery Cross #20: Tree Cross

*Cemetery Cross #16: Military Crosses

In the case of U. S. veteran headstones, there are several types of crosses  and other emblems of belief available – https://www.cem.va.gov/cem/hmm/emblems.asp or Wikipedia List of V. A. Emblems of Belief (minor differences between the two links which is why I included both)NOTE: there are some headstones that use a variation that aren’t in the link; I ran across one in a local cemetery where I had to go looking as it wasn’t on the list. In some cases, it was a matter of when the person died or a new headstone replaced an older headstone. My father has a circled cross on his headstone (died 1977). My mother died in 1977 and she has a cross without a circle. I believe it was sometime in the early 1990s when it changed as my step-father (died 1981) has the circled cross.

Some additional information: https://www.cem.va.gov/history/hmhist.asp.



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