Bonfire Crowdfunding T-shirt Site

I mentioned this crowdfunding site, Bonfire –, earlier today: Update to Earlier Fundly Top 40+ Crowdfunding Sites Post. I came across it a week and half ago. Imagine my surprise when a vlogger mentioned it on YouTube earlier today. I will be doing a post on her vlog in the next couple of days. I have no connection with this website and haven’t used them. I included several review sites below and the reviews range from good to bad. I am also including a few YouTube videos that aren’t related to the vlogger I will be highlighting in the near future.

Bonfire is one of several T-shirt crowdfunding sites out there; they also offer hoodies and other types of shirts – Here are some links:,, and

You get free shipping if you order more than five (5) items in an order.

Ordering custom shirts for groups is now easier than ever with Supply by Bonfire. All minimum order requirements have been removed, bulk orders receive discounted pricing, and you only need to order 5 shirts before you receive free shipping on your order.

There are only a handful of complaints on the BBB website for the company: I found a couple of other review sites: and

A few YouTube videos: T-shirt Fundraising Campaign with no budget using – Print and sell T-shirt online:

Teespring Or Bonfire For Merchandise Review:

My Bonfire collection! [CC]

Finally, here’s Double the Donation’s (another crowdfunding website) review:

8 T-Shirt Fundraising Platforms:



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  3. Ali Raza says:

    Crowd Funding and Peer to Peer fundraising is a great way, There are many fundraising ideas you can check here:

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  4. Ali Raza says:

    Thank you ICT Genealogist! Also Please let me know when you blog about this link. I always Appreciate your Efforts. . Thanks again.

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