The Hospital Hoppities – Kickstarter Campaign and Preserve Their Memories Indiegogo Campaign

I ran across two campaigns last night or this morning: first was on Kickstarter and the second was on Indiegogo.

KickstarterThe Hospital Hoppities: Campaign goal $1806 (1,400 GBP) with pledges of $1,193 USD. Campaign ends Wednesday, March 20 2019 3:05 AM CDT.

Charlotte wanted to write a story with a background setting that resonates with children and families for whom hospital is not a scary unknown place, but is rather a place where they spend a lot of time and have to carry on ‘normal’ life within its walls. For families with children with chronic conditions, the community of hospital is important and the story emphasises the different elements of hospital life, while empowering the main character with a helping role, rather than a dependent one.

One of the goals of the campaign is:

Put copies into hospital wards and libraries

We very much want this book to be available in the children’s wards of as many hospitals as possible, and also in libraries. By pledging at the higher tiers, you can receive two copies of the book, one of which will be a sturdy hardback copy that you can present as a gift to your local hospital or library. We’ll be encouraging anyone who does so to let us know so that, if you wish, we can feature the donation on our website and thank you on social media. (We will only do that with your permission, of course – if you’d rather remain anonymous we’ll totally respect that wish).

If you pledge at the 22 GBP (roughly $28 USD) level, you get a paperback for yourself and hard cover you can donate to a library, hospital, or other organization.

I have been in similar circumstances where a family member was in the hospital for weeks, or I was in the hospital for weeks. This was before cell phones, Internet, etc. were alternatives to keep one occupied.

The second campaign is on Indiegogo: Preserve Their Memories:–2/x/19581145#/. The campaign ends in 59 days. Campaign goal 20,000 GBP (roughly $26,000 USD). The campaign was set up with flexible goals which means the campaign will be able to keep whatever money it raises even if it doesn’t meet the 20,000 GBP goal.

The IBCC Digital Archive is an extensive repository of the personal stories of those who served, supported and suffered in the bombing campaigns in WW2, including personal memorabilia and one of the biggest collections of eyewitness testimonies.  It is being created  to ensure that the story of the Command  is preserved in perpetuity and made freely available to inform and educate future generations.

This incredible archive is preserving documents, from all over the world, including log books, photographs, letters, diaries and service citations. The archive also contains oral histories of those involved, from all sides, ensuring that their first-hand experiences are preserved before it is too late.  Over 200,000 documents and 1,800 oral testimonies have already been protected.

That is why we are launching this campaign and turning to you, we need to raise £20,000 to realise this dream. This will enable us to:

Send researchers to record the stories of surviving members of the Bomber Command
Digitise the documents, both personal and military of those involved
Ensure this endangered heritage is preserved
Provide a free-to-access portal for research and education
Educate generations to come



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