Historic Naval Ships Association (HNSA)

I found this website a while back Historic Naval Ships Association (HNSA): https://www.hnsa.org/.

You can see the posts that I have Tagged with HNSA: https://upsdownsfamilyhistory.wordpress.com/tag/hnsa/. I am using it as one of several starting points for posts on ship museums.

Here’s the site’s About Us page: https://www.hnsa.org/about-us/.

The Historic Naval Ships Association (HNSA) links the public with historic ships from around the world. These ships are storytellers and the deeds of those who served aboard them provide inspiration to present and future generations.

The Association is a non-profit organization whose membership is comprised of naval ship museums and memorials around the world as well as individuals, businesses and organizations that promote our mission. We support the ships in our Fleet by being a networking and information hub linking our members to advance the preservation and promotion of all ships we represent. We share new and best practices in: educational and public programming; preservation and restoration; and, operational and technical support. In addition to the use of the Association’s Website, HNSA also holds an annual conference, hosted by a member vessel, during which participants from the Fleet’s ships and other committed organizations and individuals discuss, among other things: successful educational and program experiences ; marketing; public support strategies; collection management; and a variety of other ship-museum related subjects.

We promote visiting the world’s historic naval ships and advocate for the need to save these important vessels for future generations so that they may continue to proudly serve their countries in honor of those who served and continue to serve at sea.

Here is the Ships page: https://www.hnsa.org/hnsa-ships/. On the right side, you can search by country or U. S. state. It has a very large list of ship museums. There are probably some that may be missing or are no longer ship museums. It also may not include ships that were never museums. For example, a submarine in the Helsinki, Finland area, https://www.suomenlinna.fi/en/visitor/museums/vesikko/ does not appear to be on their list. When I was in Helsinki in 2005, I made a trip, but the sub wasn’t open to visitors at the time.

The site has memberships available – https://hnsa.secure-platform.com/m:

HNSA members enjoy a wide range of exclusive benefits while helping to preserve these vessels to educate and inspire future generations.  Membership is renewable annually, ensuring you never miss a moment of exciting programming and access to special events.


  • Subscription to HNSA’s Quarterly Newsletter, Anchor Watch
  • Historic Naval Ships Visitors’ Guide
  • Free or reduced admission to more than 80 vessels, this in addition to the Individual Member Admission Exchange
  • Invitation to attend Association annual conferences
  • The satisfaction of helping to preserve historic Navy, Coast Guard and other vessels that have participated in the defense of their nations
  • Membership Certificate.

Individual Membership Levels

Basic Membership (or renewal)

1 adult membership with all the basic membership benefits.


Friend Membership (or renewal)


All the Basic membership benefits plus a HNSA Lapel Pin.

Patron Membership (or renewal)


All the Basic Member benefits. Plus a HNSA lapel pin, HNSA baseball hat, HNSA patch, and HNSA Coffee Mug.

Life Membership


All the Basic, Friend and Patron benefits for your lifetime.

Associate Members

If you are interested in becoming an associate member, contact Dr. William Cogar at executivedirector@hnsa.org

Fleet Members

If you are interested in becoming a fleet member, contact Dr. William Cogar at executivedirector@hnsa.org

*All membership fees are tax deductible.

If you don’t join, it’s still a good site to learn more about ships in your area or where you may be visiting.



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