Night of the Living Trekkies Book Review

I purchased Night of the Living Trekkies book on Amazon: (not an affiliate link). I purchased it used several months ago. I wanted an eBook version, but it was much cheaper to get a used paperback copy. I have posted about the book previously: FUNNY video: “Night of the Living Trekkies” — Fan Film Factor. You can see the YouTube video at Night of the Living Trekkies: Book Trailer: Slight minor differences between the YouTube and book versions.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as it was mentioned as a parody. To me, it wasn’t a parody, more like a zombie epidemic. You can check the Facebook page: I ran across it from another blogger: The premise is a Star Trek convention in a major city. It was slow going in parts and had a couple of plot twists. Some of the plot twists seemed obvious to me, but a couple weren’t as obvious.

I was about halfway through the book and not sure if I wanted to continue it so I cheated and read the last few pages. That gave me the incentive to keep plodding through as what I pieced together make me curious to see how the book reached the ending. It almost begs for a sequel.

There were some things that at times didn’t make sense, but as I kept reading, the light bulb came on and it fit. I did give the hint above about zombie epidemic so you may figure out where the book is going. The advantage is the epidemic was caught early enough that it could be stopped. See my Problem with Most Zombie Books and Movies. I won’t give away if the epidemic was or wasn’t stopped as an argument could be made for both cases.

One of the cool things was trying to figure out who were main characters in the book and who were “red shirts.Red shirt is a Star Trek term for those who are most likely to die in an episode, generally security personnel in the original series.

Taken from the propensity of security officers on the original Star Trek series (who typically wore red uniform tops) to be killed in the epsiodes’ pre-opening-credits teasers.

It can apply to any science fiction or adventure story these days. For the later Star Trek series, security uniforms may or may not have been red, but the term had stuck.

There are some red herrings as well. I am not a fan of too many red herrings, but I didn’t think the book had too many. If you are a serious or diehard fan, you will see a number of references and inside jokes that may go over your head if you aren’t into Star Trek.

I would classify the book as light-hearted comedic fiction if I had to put it in a category. I would give it 5 stars on a 5-star scale. It’s something that may not appeal to non-Star Trek fans, but may appeal to zombie fans and possibly comedy fans. The comedy tends to be low-key, but I think that’s by design.



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