In Memory of Colgan Air Flight 3407 February 12, 2009

In memory of those who lost their lives (49 in the plane and 1 on the ground) in this plane crash on February 12, 2009.

This post was partly based on a blog post:, and partly on recently seeing a YouTube video on the crash: FS2004 – Dead Tired (Colgan Air Flight 3407): You can read more about the crash on Wikipedia: Here’s a tribute:

Here is a Virtual Cemetery (VC) on Find-A-Grave: A headstone memorial in a Buffalo, New York cemetery:

Here’s a list of the victims:

Mary J. Abraham
Clarence A. Beutel III
David M. Borner
Linda L. Davidson
Ronald D. Davidson
Alison L. Des Forges
Beverly A. Eckert
Chief Master Sgt. John J. Fiore
Ronald Gonzalez
Brad S. Green Sr.
Zhaofang Guo
Ruth V. Harel
Steven L. Johnson
Kevin W. Johnston
George Abu Karam (or Georges Karam)
Ellyce “Elly” M. Kausner
Nicole Korczykowski
Jerome “Jerry” Krasuski
Brian Kuklewicz
Bethany Kushner
Sean Lang
Madeline “Maddy” Loftus
Lorin A. Maurer
Don McDonald
Coleman Mellett
Dawn Monachino
Dawn Mossop
Donald Mossop
Shawn Mossop
Jennifer Neill and Baby Boy
Gerry Niewood
Johnathan Perry
Mary Belle Pettys
Donna Prisco
Matilda Quintero
Ferris Reid
Captain Marvin Renslow
Julie Ries
John G. Roberts III
Kristin Safran
Rebecca Lynne Shaw
Dipinder Sidhu
Jean Marie Srnecz
Darren Tolsma
Susan Wehle
Ernest “Ernie” West
Douglas Wielinski
Shibin Yao
Clay Yarber, Jr. *
Captain Joseph Zuffoletto



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