Problem with Most Zombie Books and Movies

This is from a comment in a Facebook group. One of the biggest problem most books and movies that have a zombie apocalypse theme is the fact the zombies don’t win. If the zombie infection was contained fast enough, then the zombies shouldn’t win. However, in most books and movies about zombie apocalypses, the zombies have spread across enough of the planet there is no way to contain them, much less defeat them, short of divine intervention. The best book I read recently on Zombie infections was one that led to making of this YouTube video clip: FUNNY video: “Night of the Living Trekkies” — Fan Film Factor. It was Night of the Living Trekkies: (not an affiliate link). I planned on doing a book review, but it looks like I need to write one as I thought I had already did a review.

Not to give away the ending or too many spoilers, but the zombie epidemic was caught early enough that containing it would be a lot easier than in most of the books and movies that don’t catch onto the zombie epidemic until it’s too late.

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