How Not to Do Crowdfunding

I am following a Kickstarter campaign. I am not mentioning which one, but it ends in the not too distant future. The creator decided to add one video that has nothing to do with the campaign and it’s the only video. It appears they are going for the “so stupid it’s cute” factor in their approach to the campaign. The updates are almost as bad. They are so intent on keeping their cute theme the updates have been mostly meaningless. The campaign has exceeded the goal by a large enough margin it will be funded.

The strangest thing, or at least one of the strangest things, is the willingness of the creator to admit stuff that should question why anybody in their right mind would fund it. It’s almost like those funding it know the person or support it for the “so stupid it’s cute” factor. It will be interesting to see if they can meet their deadline for getting items out.

I went with the title “How Not to Do Crowdfunding” as a title because this is a bad way to do crowdfunding. In this case, it succeeded, but I see too many similar style of campaigns fail. Going for cute or humor doesn’t hurt, but you need to know when to stop. For every crowdfunding campaign like this that succeeds, a lot more fail.

I have a good, or bad, sense of humor, depending on who you ask and if they like or dislike dry humor. However, I curb it with people I don’t know. I also curb it on social media.

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