Game Review – Nuclear War by Flying Buffalo Card Game

You can learn more about the Nuclear War card game at Flying Buffalo’s Nuclear War section: You can also read about it on Wikipedia: I call it a soda and pretzels game, some would substitute an alcoholic beverage for soda, but I think soda and pretzels fits. It’s a game that can be played by family or with friends.

If you have never played it, there tends to be many games where nobody wins, which is a reasonable expectation in a true nuclear war real-life scenario. Some who have never played the game claim it glorifies nuclear war. All it takes is playing a game or two to show how wrong that assessment will be. Out of hundreds of games I have played, it’s rare that anybody wins and extremely common that everybody dies.

Here’s its rating on It’s 6.2 (10 point scale) with 2,670 reviews and 997 comments.

It spawned several expansion sets: Nuclear Escalation, Nuclear Proliferation, Weapons of Mass Destruction (all but the last one is available although they hope to do a new printing of WMD sometime in the near future – you may find a copy of it online onAmazon, EBay, etc.).

I give it 5 stars, using 5 🌟 scale. High replay factor.

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