Tello Vs. Twigby Comparison

On Facebook, I found an article comparing Twigby and Ting – which links to It briefly included some of the other MVNO‘s. Twigby was the big winner in the above article. It helped Twigby that Ting requires $6/line fee on top of whatever talk, text, and data plan you choose.

I decided to do a Tello vs. Twigby comparison similar to their Twigby vs. Ting comparison.The price differences for the first year are pretty close if you use Twigby‘s 6 month promo. By the second year, the price differences range from $24 – $60 (roughly $2 – $5/30-day billing cycle) more for Twigby than Tello. Not enough to break the bank for most users.  For most users, both Tello and Twigby are close enough in price to go with whichever company you like better. However, I didn’t include Tello‘s PAYGO option which could make a huge difference for minimal users:

US calls /min
US texts /SMS
US data /MB
($10 minimum purchase, and you can choose to set data as Wi-Fi only to save data charges.)
I have a friend who uses maybe 50 – 100 minutes/billing cycle and doesn’t text or use data on her phone. That’s $1.50 – $3.00/billing cycle using Tello‘s PAYGO compared to $9 for Twigby and $5 for Tello if she went with a paid plan.

In the past, I had brief experiences with Twigby and Ting. I have two (2) lines on Tello that are Pay As You Go (PAYGO). I spend $10 for credit and use about $1.04 per year in texting. My main lines are a PAYGO TracFone that I have used for a few years; think I started using it in 2013. I keep it active as some friends only call me on it and I haven’t convinced them to use my Unreal Mobile line. I use my Unreal Mobile phone (2 GB LTE, unlimited talk and text) for calls I make and it’s also the number I give out. Both of my Tello phones are older phones I purchased on EBay several years ago back when RingPlus was still around. I plan on upgrading one of the Tello phones to a slightly newer model. Once I do that, the goal is to port my Unreal Mobile number to a Tello plan.

In the comparison below, I am not including any sales promotions for Tello or Twigby. In the short run, the 6 month promo deal with Twigby tends to be cheaper until the promo ends which puts them pretty close in price to Tello for the first year. In the long run, Tello tends to be cheaper. Tello frequently offers a first month discount that would be less than the first month with a similar Twigby plan. In the first year, the prices are fairly close if you go with the 6 month Twigby promo. In general, the non-unlimited minute plans (200, 300, 500 minute) are usually about $24 – $36 more/year with Twigby than Tello. For the unlimited talk plans, Tello tends to run $48 – $60 cheaper/year than Twigby.

Specific Tello plans compared to the closest Twigby plans (Both companies offer unlimited SMS texts):

300 minutes, 200MB

  • Twigby – $12
  • Tello – $10

300 minutes, 1GB

  • Twigby – $15
  • Tello – $12

300 minutes, 2GB

  • Twigby – $19
  • Tello – $17

300 minutes, 3GB

  • Twigby – $24
  • Tello – $22

300 minutes, 5GB (Twigby), 4 GB (Tello)

  • Twigby – $29
  • Tello – $27; 4 GB

300 minutes, 10GB

  • Twigby – $39
  • Tello – $37

500 minutes, 200MB

  • Twigby – $14
  • Tello – $11

500 minutes, 1GB

  • Twigby – $17
  • Tello – $13

500 minutes, 2GB

  • Twigby – $21
  • Tello – $18

500 minutes, 3GB

  • Twigby – $26
  • Tello – $23

500 minutes, 5GB (Twigby), 4 GB (Tello)

  • Twigby – $31
  • Tello – $28; 4 GB

500 minutes, 10GB

  • Twigby – $41
  • Tello – $38

Unlimited minutes, 200MB

  • Twigby – $16
  • Tello – $12

Unlimited minutes, 1GB

  • Twigby – $19
  • Tello – $14

Unlimited minutes, 2GB

  • Twigby – $23
  • Tello – $19

Unlimited minutes, 3GB

  • Twigby – $28
  • Tello – $24

Unlimited minutes, 5GB (Twigby), 4 GB (Tello)

  • Twigby – $33
  • Tello – $29; 4 GB

Unlimited minutes, 10GB

  • Twigby – $43
  • Tello – $39



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