Social Fixer App for Facebook February 5, 2019

If Facebook truly wanted me to be happy, or at least not unhappy, they wouldn’t require me to install an Add-on to Firefox to force Most Recent Stories to be how Facebook sorts my News Feed. I use Firefox for most of my Facebook access when I am on my laptop. On my phones, I may use Chrome or whatever default browser comes with the phone. It used to be I could switch to Most Recent Stories and it would last 1 – 7 days. Now, it doesn’t last through one session of being on Facebook.

They have no problem blocking users from knowing when somebody unfriends you since they claim it would make us unhappy. Yet, they have no problem with doing other things that result in customers being unhappy.

Enter Social Fixer:, an app that is available for a number of browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, will be available for Microsoft Edge at some point. It’s not available for mobile (i. e., cell phones) devices at this time.

You can see Social Fixer at and a list of things you can do or block. There are some limitations due to Facebook‘s restrictions placed on app developers.


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