Free and Pay What You Want (PWYW) Items on DriveThru RPG (DTRPG)

I include DriveThru RPG (DTRPG) links on my Gaming Sunday posts: Gaming Sunday February 3, 2019. DTRPG is more than simply RolePlaying Games (RPGs). It has several sister sites: DriveThru Cards, DriveThru Comics, DriveThru Fiction, DMs Guild, Storyteller’s Vault, and RPGNow (see links below). RPGNow is closing down soon, but their products will still be available on the main DTRPG site.  The company offers digital downloads for most products (PDF, epub, mobi, etc.) and for many products, it offers Print On Demand (POD). In some cases, you may have to visit the publisher’s main site to purchase some print items. I ordered a POD book as a test for quality and it was worth the price. A couple of pet peeves. First, sorting by Date Added goes by when the item was added so about once a month I sort through 160+ pages in case there are some Free / PWYW that are temporarily available. Next, sometimes a Free item added to your shopping cart has a price attached to it. It seems to be a glitch, but I ALWAYS check the total price before doing checking out.

If you are an author, comic book designer, or card designer, then you may be able to sign up as a publisher and sell your works through one of the sites. If you want POD as an option, you can have them do it, but you have to figure out the set-up. Some set-ups are pretty easy, but others may be more complicated.

DriveThru RPG (DTRPG) and its sister sites:

They are generally daily sales on DTRPG which you can get e-mail notices if you sign up for them; same for the sister sites. They often place Deal of the Day in the top right corner of the homepage, but the link varies daily.

DTRPG links: See also:,, and Added and RPGNow: ; Ulisses-Spiele:; and Pegasus Press (or Pegasus Digital):

One of the big advantages of DTRPG is the availability of a fairly large collection of Free and Pay What You Want (PWYW) products. For PWYW, they include a Suggested Price, but you can enter 0.00 to however much you want to pay. When I checked a few minutes ago, they had 8,413 Free / PWYW products on DTRPG. It varies from day to day. In many cases, the items are Free / PWYW permanently. In other cases, they are offered temporarily as Free / PWYW, ranging from a day or two, a week, or even as long as a month. You can check out the Free / PWYW items at (not an affiliate link). You can sort by Relevance, Title, Publisher, Date Added, Price, Highest Rated, or Popularity. You can also Hide already-purchased titles. You can also hide adult content in your settings.

I always sort by Date Added and Hide already-purchased titles.

You can also look at Free / PWYW products at the sister sites listed above. Choose Free under Price as it includes PWYW in the search parameters. It’s best to check the sister sites as their products may or may not show up on the DTRPG main site. The exception is RPGNow which is being merged with DTRPG: DriveThruRPG and RPGNow Websites Merging February 2019.

They offer an affiliate link program: I haven’t signed up for it, but probably will at some point down the road.

When you make an order, you get the option to Download now or later. It only allows downloads of 10 items or less in a zipped file. You can individually download an item as well. Note: some of the products include more than one item. Another option is to download and use their app It can be downloaded to a tablet, laptop, or PC. Depending on how large your collection turns out to be, you may want to download it to a PC or laptop first. I have used it and find it works pretty good. With the app, you have a few options. I usually go with the Library Sync which can take a while if you have enough items in your Library. It creates a folder with sub-folders for each publisher so you don’t have to hunt through hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of files to find the one you want. Although with some publishers, you may have hundreds of items in a folder.





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