Find-A-Grave Rules/FAQs on Cenotaph Memorials

There is some confusion on Find-A-Graves Rules/FAQs when it comes to cenotaph memorials. These are memorials where only a headstone is in a cemetery with the body or remains being elsewhere, including those who died without the body or remains being recovered.

What is a cenotaph? How do I have a memorial designated as a cenotaph?

A cenotaph is a marker within a cemetery placed in honor of a person whose remains are buried elsewhere. It may also be the original marker for someone who has since been reinterred elsewhere. To add a cenotaph, create a memorial. Then email with a link to the memorial and request to have the memorial designated a cenotaph. Only add relationship links to the actual burial memorial when both a cenotaph and actual burial exist.

It is not mentioned above, but if a person has two headstones in a cemetery, one a cenotaph and one where they are actually buried or a second cenotaph, then you can’t add a cenotaph memorial in the same cemetery. This is usually the result of either a spouse having two (2) or more spouses in the same cemetery, or an adult child who has a name on his or her parents headstone, but later buried in a different plot with a headstone.  At least, that’s the way it was last time I saw somebody ask the question about adding a cenotaph memorial in the same cemetery. The cenotaph memorial has to be in a different cemetery.

I see this raised as an issue occasionally in Facebook cemetery or graving groups because the person who added the cenotaph memorial received a request to delete the duplicate memorial. It is not a duplicate memorial if it’s a cenotaph memorial in a different cemetery.

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