Featured Blogger of the Week – bereavedsingledad February 1, 2019

I chose https://bereavedsingledad.blog/ as my Featured Blogger of the Week before seeing one of his posts yesterday: https://bereavedsingledad.blog/2019/01/31/he-looks-like-a-neanderthal/. I was fairly confident that my first thought of where he was going with the title was probably wrong.

I appreciate the titles picked as they often make me think. It’s a risk for a blogger to choose titles that aren’t as obvious, but some bloggers pull it off well like he does. Brief digression below, but I get back on track three (3) paragraphs below.

I was going to share the above blog post separately, but decided to show how I can relate. Do I suffer autism? The medical jury is out on that. About half the medical experts say yes and the other half say no. When I point out to a medical expert those who disagree with his/her opinion, it usually leads to a polite or not so polite response akin to “They’re wrong and don’t know what they are talking about” scenario. It doesn’t matter if the medical expert is on the yes side or the no side of the equation.

At the least, I’m blunt and proud of it. My parents taught me to be blunt. Shame more parents don’t do the same. With me, you don’t have to pull out an interpretator to figure out what I mean. I grew up with “Mean what you say and say what you mean” parents. I didn’t have to pull out a Mom or Dad interpretator to know what they meant. Likewise, my friends don’t need to interpretate what I say as they know what I mean.

Back on track.  I find his blog posts range from funny to serious and sometimes a mix of the two. It might be my dry sense of humor that makes me understand the posts better.

From this post: https://bereavedsingledad.blog/2019/01/30/no-text-book-grief/, I know several friends who have gone the covert route to scatter ashes in a cemetery. In one case, a friend was busted by cemetery staff in the middle of the act. When they were told to stop, they dumped the urn on the ground in a scattering motion and challenged the staff to remove all of the ashes.

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  1. Busted in the cemetery. You couldn’t make it up. Thank you so much for support and kind words.

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