Tello Cell Phone New Low Prices and Half-Off First Month Sale Ends January 31, 2019

Tello New Low Prices and Half-Off First Month Sale Ends January 31, 2019

I have talked about Tello cell service before: Tello MVNO Last Day to Save and a few other posts. If you are in an area with good Sprint service, it’s a good alternative. At the least, it’s a good phone for those who don’t use a lot of minutes on their phones.

Tello – (not an affiliate link) is running a half-off first 30-day billing cycle sale for new customers that ends January 31, 2019. It only applies to their 30-day plans, not to the PAYGO option. The prices below are the non-sale prices for the 30-day billing cycle plans. That means your first bill would be half of the below prices. Tello uses the Sprint network for service. In my area, Sprint has very good coverage where I normally use my phone. You can check for coverage, but the maps are estimates. In my experiences with every carrier I have used (Sprint, BoostMobile, Cricket, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, TracFone) has been the coverage maps don’t always translate to reality.

They also offer a referral link. If somebody uses your referral link to make a successful order, you and the person using the link get $10 Tello credit.

You can purchase a phone from Tello or see if your Sprint phone is compatible using the Bring Your Own Phone option – One problem with bringing your own phone is if your Sprint/Sprint-MVNO phone was purchased locked and you haven’t met the conditions to get it unlocked, you can’t use it. Some of the cell phone companies have a 12 month service requirement before unlocking their phones. The phones offered on the Tello site – range from $25 for a dumb phone (not a Smart phone) to $699+. Most of the phones are refurbished, but the Apple iPhone 8 appears to be new. You can also use a reseller, like C7recycle: (Tello devices), but also check their BoostMobile – and Sprint devices – If they don’t have any listed, you can contact them and see if they have any that aren’t listed on the site. If you use C7, ask them to do a compatibility check with Tello before they send it.

Another cool feature is you can adjust your choices (talk and data) as you need to. You can opt out of talk or data if you choose. You have to choose one or the other, but you don’t have to get both talk and data. You can also switch between talk and data if your needs change at a later date.

Tello has two ways you can do cell phone service. First is Pay As You Go Option (PAYG or PAYGO, I usually use PAYGO for the acronym, but some places use PAYG). You can set it up with auto-billing or auto-renew once you hit a certain minimum threshold. The other option is 30-day billing cycle paid plan. With this option, you choose how much (if any) talk and data you want. The plans come with free unlimited texting as long as you have chosen talk and/or data . For talk minutes, you can choose minutes ranging from 0 (free), 100 ($5), 200 ($7), 300 ($9), 500 ($10), or unlimited ($11) Note unlimited minutes is only $1 more than 500 minutes right now. For data, prices are 200 MB ($7), 500 MB ($8), 1 GB ($9), 2 GB ($14), 3 GB ($19), 4 GB ($24), 10 GB ($34). Once you hit your data limit for the billing cycle plan, it slows down to 2G.

Do I really get unlimited data when subscribed to a prepaid plan?

Yes. Indeed you do! If you are subscribed to a data plan and you run out of balance, you can still surf the web but your data speed is downgraded to 2G and no usage limitations are applied. However tethering will not be available on this downgraded speed.
This limited Internet speed increases to 3G or 4G values when your data plan subscription is renewed.To keep your 4G LTE speed and tethering capabilities, you can upgrade to a plan with a higher data allowance or buy Pay As You Go credit.

You can combine talk and data in whatever combination fits your needs. As an example, 10 GB ($34) + unlimited talk ($11) equals $45/billing cycle. If you want No data (free) + 100 minutes ($5), total is $5. That’s a great price for somebody who uses very little talk time and doesn’t want or need data. You can set your data plan (VERIFY) to only be used when Wi-Fi is not available and you can also set it to not go over whatever your data limit is for the billing cycle.

Now, I have two (2) Tello cell phones. I got them used back when I was using RingPlus before it stopped offering service, and they are both PAYGO lines. PAYGO rates are: U. S. calls $0.03/minute; U. S. texts $0.01/SMS text, and U. S. data $0.02/MB. I have data set to Wi-Fi only which means I don’t have any data charges. You do have to use your Tello phones a minimum amount to keep the line active, but it’s pretty minimal last time I checked. You can order PAYGO credit for as little as $10. They offer $10, $15, $25, $50, or you can choose a specific amount (minimum $10) if you prefer that option. Buying $10 credit (using U. S. only since non-U. S. will usually incur additional charges), gives you 333 minutes or 1,000 SMS texts or 500 MB data, but if your usage includes minutes, texts, and data, you will get less than the above numbers. I only use my Tello phones for receiving SMS texts and I usually get 8 – 10 texts/month, using $0.08 – 0.10/billing cycle of my $10.00 original credit. End result, I lose around $1.04 credit during most years. I went with no data as my Unreal Mobile phone has 2 GB LTE with unlimited 2G once I use up the 2 GB LTE. I kept the Tello phones as emergency back-up in case something happens to my main phone. I figure for $2.08/year, that’s cheaper than any plan I have found so far.

A third option is to combine PAYGO credit with a 30 day billing cycle plan. That comes in handy if you go over. I haven’t tried so I don’t know how it works.

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