The Plot Against the Principality of Sealand

Thank you to Threlkd ONS (The Threlkeld One-Name Study) on Twitter – for this story. You can see the website at The linked article is – worth a read. I knew of Sealand because it has been mentioned in several YouTube videos as being one of the smallest, possibly the smallest, nation or micronation. As I usually skim through the videos, I missed any references to the events that are referenced above. Here’s the Wikipedia article on Sealand: Here’s more about the World War II platform that houses Sealand: Definitely one for my “I Haven’t Seen It All” list, more so for what unfolds in the Narratively link than for being, or not being, the smallest nation/micronation.

It may have been this video that I first came across Sealand: 10 Smallest Countries You Never Knew Existed



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