Mystery Brothers

A big shout-out to Jamie of Applegate Genealogy for the title, I will be talking briefly about her post in The Mystery Brother — Applegate Genealogy.

In my case, I found two (2) brothers in my tree that were lost to the family. In both cases, the missing males were related to my maternal grandfather Charles, One was his son, Owen – and the other was his middle brother – Hosea James Joseph (the order of the first and middle names varies depending on which records I view) – not sure if this is his memorial, but somebody linked it to his parents as such I never met Grandfather, but did meet who I thought was his only brother, Herbert – Vera was the daughter and the only other child of Charles and Minnie (the first wife) never made direct mention of Hosea (or James or Joseph although James was used in several newspaper articles referring to him). She made references to cousins who could have only been children of James. She never mentioned a brother; he died just over a year before she was born. I will get back to Owen and James in a bit.

A bit of background, Mom never mentioned her parents at all. The closest was when she took us to visit her father’s grave. I thought the woman buried next to her was my grandmother, but she was Grandfather‘s first wife – Minnie, Grandmother Cora being his second wife. There is an unmarked grave in the lot that I later found out is Ollie, his mother’s grave – Cora is buried in a different cemetery with her parents a few miles away. It was only decades later, I found out both Grandfather and Grandmother had been married to other people before marrying each other. In 1990 or 1991, I found out that Grandfather was born in southeast Kansas.

I discovered Owen when I did a search on Find-A-Grave for Kring surnames in Kansas. When I saw the headstone photo, I knew he was Grandfather’s son.

James was first found in the 1880 federal census under the name Hosea C. In other records, I would see Hosea, James, and Joseph in different orders so I am not sure what the correct order is.

I can’t find the newspaper articles I had, but James was reported missing around 1908 on his way from Collinsville, Oklahoma to somewhere near Iola, Kansas. He was still reported missing several years later. He is shown on World War I draft registration as being in the area of Dewey, Oklahoma.

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