All of Us DNA 2019 Update

I received an e-mail update from All of Us, which I am including below.


As I look back at 2018, I’m incredibly proud of everything we have accomplished together. This was the year that the All of Us Research Program opened our doors to everyone. So far over 150,000 of you have started to participate in the program, answering our call to improve the future of health! I’m also pleased to share that 100,000 of you have completed all the first steps, including answering surveys, agreeing to share your health records, and providing physical measurements and biosamples. Thanks to your generous donations of time and information, we are well on our way to speeding up health breakthroughs to drive individualized prevention and treatment for all of us.
WATCH OUR 2018 HIGHLIGHTS (YouTube video link)

For all that we’ve achieved over the past year, 2019 promises to be just as exciting with our focus on getting and giving information.

In 2019, we will pilot and launch several new features to give information back to our participants. Some of the highlights are:

Pilot programs that return lab test results and genetic information, including genetic disease risks and how genes may affect a person’s response to medications.
A new tool to view electronic health records.
Education materials, lectures, and a newsfeed, so you can keep up with the latest developments from All of Us and in health and medical research

It’ll take some time for us to test these features before we share them with everyone, but I am thrilled that we are making progress in giving information back to our participants. This has always been one of the core values of All of Us.

We will also launch new features that makes it easier to share your health information and health habits with All of Us, including directly from your smart watches, fitness trackers, and apps. Our aim is to build one of the largest and most diverse health data resources. As we collect more data, more possibilities and patterns emerge that wouldn’t be visible at a smaller scale — and wouldn’t be possible without you.

Thank you again for your support. YOU are the heart of the All of Us community, and I look forward to a joyful and eventful 2019 together.

In good health,

Eric Dishman


All of Us Research Program
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The above links are to AllofUs social media from the e-mail: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube.




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