Why Having a Back-up Cell Phone Is a Good Idea

Post was started July 23, 2018 so comments about now, today, or yesterday are based on that date.

The issues are all fixed now, but here’s why having a back-up cell phone or two is a good idea. My back-up cell phone is a PAYGO (Pay As You Go) TracFone where I buy X amount of talk, text, and data and it’s good until it expires or I use it, whichever happens first. At present, my expiration date is April 2020 on my TracFone. Good thing about TracFone is when I buy additional units, it adds to the expiration date and it also adds the additional new units to the existing units which is why I have a long expiration date and a fair amount of talk, text, and data. Many cell phone companies simply change the expiration date from whatever it was before the purchase to what the expiration date for the new purchase would be (usually 30, 45, 60, 90, 180, or 365 days) and those companies also frequently wipe out any existing balances of talk, text, and data you had remaining. I have a minimal back-up with Tello which doesn’t have many minutes on it, but it’s active if I need it. In an odd twist, the number Unreal Mobile assigned to me when they shipped the phone was a New Jersey number; the parent company of Unreal Mobile is in Los Angeles, California. If they issued me a Kansas number when I received the phone, I may have kept it instead of risking problems with porting out my number from Boost Mobile.

I was in the process of switching my primary phone number from Boost Mobile to Unreal Mobile. The port-out process went smoothly; the port-in process not so much in the beginning. Port-in was partially successful yesterday, but failed on several levels. I don’t blame Unreal Mobile or Boost Mobile as port-out/in transferring on average works successfully around 96 -98% of the time. However, the 2 – 4% of the time it fails, it can range from minimal failure to major failure. In my case, initially I couldn’t make or receive phone calls or texts, or use mobile data (non Wi-Fi). I could use Wi-Fi fine. As of this afternoon, the two issues remaining: receiving phone calls wasn’t working and receiving texts appears to be delayed. Somebody sent me a text yesterday and it didn’t show up on my phone until today. I can now receive phone calls and send texts without a problem. Unreal Mobile on Facebook was great about getting the issue resolved.

If I hadn’t kept my TracFone active, I would have been unable to make non-emergency (i. e., 911) calls.

Unreal Mobile is owned by FreedomPop, but my phone uses the Sprint network for service which is different from how FreedomPop provides cell service on FreedomPop. They offer VOIP as well for Unreal Mobile. I like my Unreal Mobile plan as I get 2 GB LTE with unlimited 2G data once I use up the LTE. Since it’s my only home Internet, it’s worth the $15 I pay for it.


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