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Turning “I”llness to “We”llness — Prairie Independent Living Resource Center, Inc. (PILR)

Most times when we talk about disabilities we think physical and often leave out cognitive or intellectual disabilities. In a time where we are constantly talking about over stimulation and anxiety, it is important that we look at these disabilities … Continue reading

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Who Owns Your Burial Plot?

The answer to the question may surprise you. In the U.S., you generally don’t buy your burial plot. You buy burial rights or an easement. For purposes of this post, burial rights includes entombment, inurnment, and any other form of … Continue reading

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Why Having a Back-up Cell Phone Is a Good Idea

Post was started July 23, 2018 so comments about now, today, or yesterday are based on that date. The issues are all fixed now, but here’s why having a back-up cell phone or two is a good idea. My back-up … Continue reading

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