Three Main Paid Newspaper Archive Sites

I will be doing a separate blog post on free newspaper archive sites in the near future. This post is a follow-up to GenealogyBank Now Has Federal Census Records. I started it before starting that post, but decided it was important to get that one out first.

There are three (3) main paid newspaper archive sites although two (2) of them have additional newspaper or obituary sites that require a separate paid subscription. In no particular order:, owned by with two subscription options: Basic and Publisher Extra; Newspaper Archives:– monthly and semi-annual subscriptions with Archives.com as another option that joined and includes newspapers; GenealogyBank  – with monthly and annual subscriptions. GenealogyBank is part of the Newsbank family also includes (single obituary, monthly and annual subscriptions), (single article, monthly and annual subscriptions* – you can often get it much cheaper if you sign up through GenealogyBank’s e-mail list as they often offer it several times during the year for a much smaller annual rate that in past years has been around $29.95 compared to the almost $200.00 regular annual subscription price). *NewsLibrary allows a maximum of 500 articles/year. Shop around as the sites sometimes offer great deals that will save you a lot.

Each of the above sites and the subsidiary sites for and have their own pricing chart. Also, each of the sites have their own list of what newspapers are covered in each state and the time frame for each newspaper.  For example, my hometown newspapers are covered by and, some overlap, but there are also some time periods that are only available on one or the other site. In some time frames, neither site may offer coverage.

It’s also best to find out where and what time frames you need newspaper access in case one site covers the location and time frame, but another one doesn’t. There’s no easy solution since there are some major gaps in locations and time periods even if you subscribed to every paid newspaper site out there and used every free newspaper site as well.

Some of the sites offer a free trial, but be aware to read the restrictions since some require notifying them several days before the trial ends to avoid getting charged.

There are two basic ways you get the information from the newspaper site. As a PDF that you can usually download or as text that was transcribed. In the first case, the PDFs are often the full page although in some cases, it’s only the article. With the text transcriptions, it’s usually only the article or obituary. In some cases, it’s only the obituaries and nothing else which is a shame. GenealogyBank is an unusual mix as it has several sections: Newspaper Archives (not to be confused with, Recent Obituaries (there’s some crossover as the Archives sometimes include recent items), U. S. Federal Census (new addition), Social Security Death Index (doesn’t include the last three years), Government Publications, and Historical Books.

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