Backerkit Patreon Beta for Creators

If you are a creator, as opposed to a backer, on Backerkit, they are running a beta that allows you to link your Patreon account to Backerkit. I received an e-mail earlier today that included a link: (included below from the e-mail. Also, you will need a project URL so if you haven’t set up a crowdfunding campaign yet, you will have to wait until you do although you can get a demo survey sample at

Please note: our Patreon integration is in a beta state, which means some of the buttons will not function the way you expect. Please follow these instructions to begin.


If you are signed into Patreon, this should trigger your Patreon to open so that you can authorize the sync.

After that, the system should automatically return you to BackerKit and the above should read “authenticated to Patreon: true.”

Finally, you can click the blue “Sync” button.

This will pull your Patreon information into BackerKit. It could take a few minutes, but you should see data populate the “Tiers” and “Patrons” tab.

To set up “Rules,” please contact

From the e-mail,

Hey there!
Thanks again for signing up for our BackerKit + Patreon Beta.

We’ve been talking with a lot of you about what your goals are for your Patreon, and we already have a few Patreon folks who have sent BackerKit surveys to their patrons and are seeing amazing results.

What We’ve Built:

We’ve built a way for you to automatically sync your Patreon data with BackerKit so that you can:

  • Pull patron data daily to help keep track of historical payments, etc.
  • Download an export that contains historical patron data broken down by month.
  • Send surveys to backers who qualify in order to mail (and sell) rewards (both physical and digital).

Even if you aren’t totally ready to commit, you can start syncing your patron data to make it easier later down the road as Patreon currently does not provide a complete set of historical data.

Here are instructions on how to get started:

Our Current Offerings:

We’ve found two simple-to-implement use cases that have helped creators deliver more value to their loyal Patrons. If you are interested in pursuing one of these plans, please get in contact with

Case 1: “Welcome Packet” – Backerkit can automatically detect when new patrons enter a tier to make them eligible for a reward. Example: Patrons at the $20 or more tier get an enamel pin when they join.

Case 2: “One and Done” – Send out a one time reward to patrons who pledged to specific tiers in a given month. Example: Patrons currently at the $10 and up tiers in February will get a signed postcard.

We are also continuing to build out our tech to allow you to only send rewards when a patron pledges in a tier for several months. Example: Patrons in the $35 tier get a signed poster every 3 months.

Please reach out for more information if either of these offerings are aligned with your goals.

Or, if you’ve chatted with us before (are already synced) and want to get going with next steps for the new year, we would love to touch base again. Feel free to send us an email at

Team BackerKit

You will need a Backerkit creator page most likely to use this feature.

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