Kickstarter Carissa Andrews Awakening Campaign

Updated January 30, 2019: I decided to pledge this campaign; it’s only a small pledge, but every little bit helps.

I received an e-mail earlier today from Carissa Andrews, an author who I have followed for a while. She started a Kickstarter campaign, She is trying to raise $2,300 for editing and book cover design for her next book. At the time of the e-mail, she was 20% funded. The campaign is now at $533 of its $2,300 goal. I signed up for her e-mail list almost a year ago, January 15, 2018.

I will point out some strengths of her campaign and things that may need to be considered by others if they want to do a crowdfunding campaign.

One of her first strengths is having a video as crowdfunding campaigns with videos are over 3x more likely to be funded than those without videos. It doesn’t mean a campaign with videos will get funded or that a campaign without a video won’t get funded. Another strength is the pie chart showing how the funds will be spent since not all campaigns include a good indication of how the money will be spent. Another strength is a good timeline as some campaigns either don’t do a timeline or only include delivery date. She also shows a bit about the book cover designer and the editor with links where you can learn more about them. Carissa did some good graphics in her campaign and that’s a big plus in my book. She has done a good job of getting the word out.

She has a Facebook page, and She also has a YouTube channel: Carissa’s Instagram account: Her Twitter account: Carissa‘s website: Here is Carissa’s Amazon profile page: (not an affiliate link)

A pledge of $5.00 gets you a copy of the ebook. You can also get a print copy of the book and other rewards at the $25 or higher pledge level. At $100, you get a bunch of stuff, plus you get a character named after you.

I initially missed the e-mail where Carissa announced the Kickstarter kick-off party that was sent the day before the party. I found it a few minutes ago.

One thing I don’t see is a category in the pie chart for unexpected expenses. It’s missing from many campaigns, but it’s good to have a plan for contingency funds, even if it’s only 5 – 10% of the total.

Another thing that may have been missing was something that only a few campaigns have done. I don’t know the rules, but one campaign did a pre-launch Kickstarter page where they announced the campaign before it started. I think it was if memory serves.  I found this article about a pre-launch page:


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3 Responses to Kickstarter Carissa Andrews Awakening Campaign

  1. Thank you so much for sharing the campaign and the ins and outs of it! You have a fantastic run-down going on here and I REALLY appreciate the social sharing sites, too! We’re still going – currently at 40%, but I have about 10 more days to wrap this bad boy up. 🙂

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    • ICT Graver says:

      You are welcome. I look for campaigns to highlight that aren’t the typical run of the mill. I originally missed your e-mail announcing the campaign or I would have posted it sooner. I added your social media sites as those are ways people can learn more about you which can be the difference between a pledge and a non-pledge.

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