The Bipolar Writer Needs Help… Again — The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog This is my GoFundMe under my real name David TC (I wasn’t sure if I could get the funds if I used my Pen Name James Edgar Skye.) Thank you in advance for donating! So, my goal is $300. The cost to upgrade. If 100 people donate 3 dollars, I can reach my goal […]

Updated April 15, 2019: added Patreon link below and removed the non-working links. Also added Tags.

via The Bipolar Writer Needs Help… Again — The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog. Clarification: (Some of the links are broken now, but they worked when I first posted it – the GoFundMe and newly added Patreon links still work!)

Patreon page:

He’s only looking to raise $325 with his GoFundMe campaign which is modest. So far, he has $80 of the $325 raised.

My goal is $325 — the cost to upgrade The Bipolar Writer blog to the business level. I want to be able to help other artists publish and share their work through my blog. This is the next step for my blog, and it would mean the world to get the help. I am going to try and keep this post going all weekend in hopes that I reach my goal. Please, if you can help it would be amazing, and if you can’t, I understand. I haven’t done one of these in a while, so here it goes!

My blog has helped so many people in the mental health community and it has become a safe place for those who need to voice their experiences about mental illness. I am planning a very important expansion of my blog to the business level so I can help other artists to have a place to sell their books.

The above blog post combines several things I am passionate about: bipolar depression, authors, crowdfunding, and bloggers. It’s also something I have considered, using crowdfunding, as I would like to upgrade to the Business version of WordPress, but I would need to raise a lot more money than he is asking for. I would probably need about $2,000 to cover more than one (1) year, specifically 4 1/2 years, although I hope that it wouldn’t take that much if the monetization took off fast enough. I believe that’s what he expects to happen. In 4 1/2 years, I should be getting an increase to my pension that would allow me to cover the cost on my own.

I’m glad he went with a crowdfunding source that allows him to keep whatever he gets. In general, crowdfunding sources go with “all or nothing” or keep whatever you raise with some that give both options or a different option. Kickstarter is an all or nothing. If he went with it and raised $324 by the time the campaign ended, he would get nothing. Indiegogo allows you to choose between all or nothing or keep what you raise. In addition to the above choice, some crowdfunding tends to fall into several categories: time-limited, usually 30 – 60 days, no time limit, one-time pledge, and monthly pledges with some crowdfunding sources giving you multiple options to choose from. Patreon allows you to do a one-time pledge or a monthly pledge. Ko-fi allows you to do a one-time pledge although you can do it as often as you want.

I started following his blog,, a while back. His blog is a bit different than most as he has regular bloggers who contribute to the blog. To get on the list,

Just FYI the content you write on The Bipolar Writer is all your own. You will get the notifications for likes and comments. I reserve the right to publish and proofread if necessary. I would like the content to be mental health, any subject, and at least one post every two weeks. You can write as much as you like, I always post the blog posts of contributor writers. I have blogging schedule (usually 2-3 slots a day) and I have almost 30 contributors that will include you.

If you scroll down the main page of the blog, he lists the bloggers who post regularly with links to their blogs if they have a blog which most do. He has over 10,000 Followers which is impressive. Allowing authors another place to sell their books is a good thing.

Adding the ability to more fully monetize the blog should go a long ways to keeping his blog going.



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